Bent Tree Gardens West Condominium Association Inc
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24 Hour Security Camera System with Armed Guards monitoring property. All visitors MUST call ahead and register with guards while on duty (No foot-traffic permitted.)

***Guardhouse Number: (561) 734-4807  ****

Temporary passes (one night) now available from guard house with proper identification and owner authorization confirmed at time of entry. 

Mini-Vans now approved (ONLY) with matching registration and proper decal issued from the office.

*****All trucks, trailers, motor homes, campers, vans (except mini-vans), motorcycles, or recreational vehicles and/or unauthorized vehicles (including unregistered visitors) will be towed after 2 warnings!! ******

Breaking of the gate entry system into our community will not be tolerated.  This is considered property damage and will be turned over to the Sheriffs Office for prosecution under the law.

Next Board of Directors Meeting
Community Clubhouse

Upcoming Projects:

1). Replacing dead plants/bushes.

***special thanks to ricardo de armas(chief of security)for putting out a fire in bld. 11.***


Bent Tree Gardens West Condominium Association Inc
9990 Pineapple Tree Drive
Boynton Beach, Fl 33436


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